Company Affiliations


Gemini Capital LLC.

A   venture fund investing in early-stage development companies involving new   technologies.

•   Gemini Capital LLC.


NanoVapor,   Inc.

NanoVapor   Inc. offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of vapors   created by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  These patented   technologies improve the safety, health, workplace and environmental issues   related to vapor management in the Aviation, Marine, Railroad, Tanker Trucks,   and Energy industries. 

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Materials   Lifecycle Management Company

Materials   Lifecycle Management Company (“MLMC”) is committed to providing better   solutions for the 60 million tons of nonresidential, nonhazardous, solid   materials being landfilled and incinerated annually in the United States by   industrial, commercial, retail and service businesses.  The foundation   of our business in anchored to the development, implementation and operation   of technologies focused on waste avoidance, reuse, recycling and best use   practices of all materials under management. 

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PowerSite   LLC

Powersite   is a power generation product that is fast, efficient, flexible and   environmentally benign. Proven technologies from Rolls Royce, Siemens and IST   are integrated with proprietary Powersite technology, to create a unique and   compelling combined cycle plant, unmatched for it’s speed, flexibility and   efficiency.

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Iridium   Communications, Inc.

Iridium   Communications, Inc. is the only satellite communications company that offers   truly global voice and data communications coverage.  A technology   innovator and market leader, Iridium is advancing the way global enterprises   conduct daily mission-critical activities through reliable, near real-time,   communications services.

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